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Chemical Drain Cleaners: Everything You Need To Know

Whenever you find that your toilet or kitchen drain is clogged, what’s the first thought that comes in your mind? Calling a plumber? No? Fixing it yourself? I thought so. In order to fix a clogged drain, what do we use the most? Liquid chemical drain cleaner! Now, most of us use liquid cleaners without even knowing their side effects or, any effects at all.

We just know what those ads tell us. They help in melting the clog and draining them off from the pipes and drains. However, there are somethings which those ads don’t tell us. I will, however, tell you some essential facts about liquid drain cleaners which you probably didn’t know about.

Effect of liquid drain chemical on your plumbing pipes

Liquid drain cleaners work on the principle of chemical reactions. They have hydrochloric acid, which generates heat when reacting with water inside the drain. This heat helps in removing the clog from the pipe. However, you’re missing a very simple but important observation here. This heat doesn’t just react with the clog; it also reacts with the metal pipe. If the chemical is strong enough, it can make the tube weak and give your plumbing system a big set back.

If the pipe is a plastic pipe, the heat can make the pipe deformed and create specific leakage points.

They might affect your health too

Liquid chemical cleaners can cause damage to your health too. They leave fumes which go into your respiratory system and can cause some severe health issues. You can avoid this by making homemade toilet cleaners made of lime, soda, and baking powder. Also, if you really want to use the chemical cleaners in your toilet or kitchen sink, make sure that you have covered your mouth, nose, and hands carefully. Don’t let the fumes go inside your body or don’t even touch the chemical.

Are they really worth it?

There are certain types of clogs that even these liquid cleaners can not clean. If your sink or drain is clogged due to hair bundles, the chemical cleaners will just prove to be insufficient. There is no guarantee that you will get a clog-free drain even after spending money on chemical cleaners. This is why it is advised to call for the professional help from whenever you get into such a situation. Calling them for plumbing repairs is totally worth it. They will make all the arrangements, and you won’t have to do a thing.

Use a plunger instead of liquid cleaners – when possible

Use old fashioned plunger instead of chemical cleaners whenever it is possible. If that doesn’t work, make a plumbing snake by using a plastic coat hanger. You just have to break a coat hanger in such a way that it goes inside the toilet pot and gets rid of the clog.


Everything You Need To Know About Moving in Winters

The season of winter is not optimal for moving. However, you can make a move in winters too if you follow certain points. In this blog, we’ll discuss packing and moving in winter. Let’s get started with it.

Moving in winter can save your money

Yes, you heard it right. Moving in the winter season can cost you less money if compared to other seasons. Reasons? Well, for starters, that’s an off season. No one wants to move out when its snow falling outside. Movers and packers agencies lower their usual rates and offer off-season discounts. You can easily save up to 20-30% of the total expenditure.

Your plans need to be flexible

You can not plan for sure what’s going to happen tomorrow in winter. It could be cloudy or chilling as hell. The roads could get blocked due to snowfall. You need to have a backup plan if things don’t go according to your mind.

Rescheduling clause should be provided by the packers and movers. You need to read those clauses clearly in case you are needed to reschedule.

Get everything packed before the movers arrive

In case you haven’t opted for packers and taking care of it yourself, you should do it before the movers arrive at your door. In winters, the daylight is usually compromised. Because of this, the movers’ trucks find it difficult to drive in the later part of the day. It is advised to start the transportation early in the morning. Don’t keep them waiting just because you left the packing for the last minutes. This can cost a lot for you.

Ready your home

A bit of prep work is needed to be done in winter. Loading in and loading out processes are needed to be performed under optimal conditions and with efficiency. For this, you might be required to clean up the snow from your front yard and create a pathway for the movers. By doing so, you will avoid the chances of getting slipped while carrying out the boxes.

Box Protection

You will be needed to pack your boxes with protective layering in winter. In case if it rains or snowfalls, you wouldn’t want your important stuff to get wet or electronics to get destroyed. Make use of sealable plastic bags and waterproof carry bags. Don’t leave everything to the packers. They can mishandle it and you can lose your favourite things.

We hope these points were clear enough and have made your decision a bit simpler. For any help regarding packers and movers, please contact and get everything sorted.

Packing and Moving Checklist – 100% Accurate

Packing and moving to a new home is usually a lot of work. There are certain things for which you will need assistance. In order to get everything done smoothly, we came up with one of the best ‘Packing & Moving’ checklists –  from Now, let’s get started:

1. Buy proper packing supplies

Moving supplies are needed to be as proper as they get. Don’t cut slacks for them. Ger proper gears of packing tape, moving boxes, plastic seal bags, bubble wraps, plastic containers, and all the things you will need. Get sticky notes and lamination plastic sheets too. If you go for cheaper stuff, chances are they’ll break down somewhere. Why would you want to do that?

2. Mark all the boxes

This is a very essential step. Mark the boxes as you pack them with tapes. Mark the bedroom related boxes as “Bedroom box #1” and so on. Please maintain a logbook for all these boxes and their contains. This will help in keeping everything listed and accounted for. This step will also help you while you unpack these boxes.

3. Hire a professional mover

Hiring a professional mover such as never goes in vain. There are many things which they’ll know but you wouldn’t. The amount of work that you’ll have to do will be just too much to handle. Heavy furniture to disassemble, pack, load, and unload – if you don’t have any help, you are doomed.

4. Get your new house cleaned and pest-controlled

Before you move all of your things to the new home, you need to get the home cleaned and checked for pests and bugs. There are great chances of pests and bugs in there. Check out the kitchen and bathrooms especially. They tend to get dirty if left alone for far too long. Hire professional home cleaners and pest controllers and pay them to visit your home once and get everything cleaned before you move in with your things.

5. Get your new home painted

New pain will bring new vibes in your home and thus, your life. You can visit any local home paint shop and look around for several samples. Ask around for the best collections they have. You can get this project upon yourself and prove your creative capabilities. Try different shades of paints under different lights. Get some awesome wallpapers.

6. Get the new home repaired for electricity, plumbing, and HVAC

Next step before you move to the new home is to get it checked for electricity, plumbing, HVAC, and any other kind of issues. Get them looked after before you bring your stuff. You can hire a local handyman for all of the repair works. Get the fans in your rooms fixed with new speed regulators. Get the faulty tube lights and night lights changed. That leaky kitchen tap that you have, get it fixed too.

7. Unload and unpack properly

Now that you have done everything according to the steps mentioned above, the next stage is unloading your things from the truck, and then unpack everything in your new place. Since you already marked everything, it should be easier for you. Be careful while opening the kitchen boxes. There are some sharp as well are fragile items there.