Earn Points!

Another way for us to reward you for your loyalty! 
Perkville will invite you by email to track your points online at

Earn Points:

Birthday / 200pts
Join rewards program  / 50pts
Refer a friend / 20pts
Twitter follow & Workshop Attended / 10pts
Visitor page checkin & Class Attended /5pts
Facebook Check In & Tweet / 3pts

Once you have enough points you can redeem them online and print out a voucher for the redemption or show us via mobile.

Redeem Points:

200pts / Free Studio Class
500pts / 10% off 1 month of Unlimited Membership
700pts / 25% off Products in the Boutique
1500pts / 50% off 1st month of Studio Unlimited Membership*
2500pts / 1 Month of Studio Unlimited Free*
5000pts / 1 Month of Training Unlimited Free*

*with membership renewal