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A Beautiful Snowbird's Journey

We always look forward to springtime because we know Heather will soon be returning to PEI and to Dynamic.  In addition to delicious lunch treats for her trainers and fellow trainees, Heather brings such a warmth and calmness to the gym:

"I have been going to Dynamic Fitness for 8 years and hoping for lots more to come.
I started off by doing reformer, studio classes and spin. Four years ago Natalie had
an introduction class to ESA (Eli Sport Adult Training), I have been doing it ever since. I will have to say I was a little intimidated when I first started, but feel fine now. Great group of people and great trainers, I don't even panic now when I have Dave!  The new gym is so spacious and bright with all the windows.

I still do the reformer, who could ask for any better than Triona?! I also do some yoga,
not enough, can only spend so many hours at the gym! On my good week, I do 4 ESA
training sesions, a reformer and 3 yoga classes.

It is a great gym, very friendly and helpful staff. I feel at 61, I am in the best shape of my
life, thanks to Dynamic Fitness and hard work.

When I was carrying my paddle board down to the water today I was thinking if I wasn't
training the way I am I wouldn't be able to carry it, lots of benefits to working out.

I always look forward to coming back from Florida in the spring, seeing everybody and getting back to the gym!"

Dynamic Fitness

It Means Too Much to Me Now #HODY

Alexa has been a shining presence in the studio these days!  Her enthusiastic presence and beautiful practice inspires.  If you haven't had the chance to lay your mat beside her, we recommend you seek her out next time you are in class!

Dynamic: Congratulations for being the only yogini to complete the 30Day Bingo Challenge!
Alexa: Thank you!  I have now tried a couple new classes because of it and found that I am definitely interested in ESA classes in the future!  I probably would not have tried that class otherwise.  Similarly, it helped me maintain going to yoga despite my seasonal work kicking into high gear.

D: What encouraged you to fill your Bingo card?
A: I always enjoy a challenge!  I'm working towards redeeming a Free Month with Perkville when I collect enough points!  I was encouraging to fill the rows and to see others also working to complete their cards.  I can be competitive, especially with myself.

D: How long have you been practicing yoga?
A:  I had my first ever yoga class about a year and a half ago at the studio when it was on Queen Street.  I loved it and began going daily.  Summer work paused me, but I got back into a daily routine this winter and have so far been able to balance it with work this summer season.  It means too much to me now.

D: What has changed about your practice in recent months?
A: Originally, I began with the intent to distract myself, be more active and to engage in a new focus.  Recently my goal has shifted to more exploration of yoga poses, trying my first handstand the other day, and pushing myself past the regular basic movements.

D: How would you describe your overall experience/relationship with your practice?
A: I love my practice and have found it a way to centre myself back from the busy, busy world I'm engaged in daily.  It is the moment that I remember to take care of myself so I can better take care of others.

Dynamic Fitness

Interview with an Athlete #HODY

We are so happy to have this young athlete part of the Eli Sport program.  Alysha Corrigan was recently named UPEI's Female Athlete of the Year.  We took a few minutes to find out a bit more about her and her motivation:

DYNAMIC: What made you want to train at Dynamic Fitness?

ALYSHA: Because I heard good things about Dave, and well obviously he knows his stuff.  I wanted to get better and faster for rugby.

D: Have you seen a difference in your performance since training at Dynamic?

A: Definitely while training, I can see a huge difference in my body. Looking forward to rugby season to see the difference in my performance on the field.

D: Besides Power Speed training you do hot yoga and Hot Athletica a lot at Dynamic fitness.  What do you think of the new infrared studio?

A: I used to do hot yoga before, not in infrared, and I felt like I was suffocating!  But in the infrared I don't at all - even while doing burpees!  And Hot Athletica... everybody should be doing that, there's no better workout!

D: Do you find improvement in your performance from doing yoga?

A: Definitely, it helps with my flexibility and the heat really increases fat burning after a session of training.

D: You train so hard, usually twice a day, what's your goal with all this hard work?

A: The goal is, realistically, to play for Canada Games and Team Cup.  That's not for six years, but it's good to prepare now, it's kinda a big goal!

With Alysha's dedication and understanding of the process, reaching that goal will be no problem!  We look forward to traveling that journey with her!

Dynamic Fitness

The Couple that Trains Together Stays Together #HODY

Yes, another couple feature!  This pair has brought such awesome energy and enthusiasm to our gym that we just had to share them with you.  Here is what Ricky & Erin have to say about keep it real at Dynamic...

Ricky: I set out 6 months ago to find a place in Charlottetown that could help me reach my fitness goals while teaching me proper posture in all exercises for the best results.  My other focus was finding a place that would give me workouts with a focus on being a better athlete and that's when I found ESA.  I have a passion for the game of golf and I knew once I read about ESA that this would help give me the edge I was looking for moving forward with my game.  After training for 5 months, I've loved it so much that my enthusiasm for the class got my partner, Erin, super excited about taking the next step in her fitness journey.  After talking about what our goals were we knew this was the best fit for us to reach them.  We keep each other motivated during workouts and accountable on those days when we are feeling like sitting on the couch.  I love that I am able to share two of my favorite things (fitness & my love) each night of the week while reaching our goals.  The staff & trainers at Dynamic have been what keeps us going back 5 times a week.  We continuously tell everyone we know about the experience and results we've had already and can't wait to continue our journey with Dynamic.

Erin: If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would be training at Dynamic Fitness I probably would have laughed at them, I never thought I would have the confidence or ability to do it.  My fitness journey began a few years ago when I decided I needed to make some big changes to my fitness and overall health.  I always enjoyed working out and have tried many different things, both group setting and individual. I enjoyed it all, but I got to the point last year when I needed a little something more. I needed something that was going to make me reach that next level, and find a strength I didn't know I had to continue reaching my goals, while learning proper form and techniques on new exercises.  Ricky and I are two people who very much enjoy living a healthy, active lifestyle so it just seemed like the right decision to follow his lead and join Dynamic Fitness for the ESA training 8 weeks ago.  Training together has been one of our most fun adventures yet.  Ricky has always been my biggest supporter in all aspects of my life and the gym just proves that even more.  We push each other when we need that extra boost because we believe in each other and know what we are capable of.  Having that other person for the accountability is a huge plus as well.  We make each other, and our workouts, a high priority so they go well together.  I think it only makes the connection stronger to one another and date nights can be at the gym too!  I have very much enjoyed my experience with Dynamic so far.  We have met some awesome people in our training and I continually look forward to seeing them on a daily basis, it's like a family there.

Dynamic Fitness

A Little Piece of Home #HODY

Recognizing how special these two are and the love they have brought to the studio, we are so pleased Klynton & Emily agreed to share their experience!  This committed pair have practiced regularly together at our studio for the last 6 months:

EMILY: I've been practicing yoga on and off for six years now, and after a year-long hiatus I decided that is was time to roll out my mat again.  It was at that time (i.e., last summer) that I asked Klynton if he wanted to try it with me, so we started out doing some yoga flow at home.  It was actually really fun because it motivated me to keep at it, and I was able to help Klynton learn the ropes.  I especially liked that I got to share one of my favourite interests with the person I love.  We've now been practicing regularly with Dynamic for six months and we love it!  I think what I like most about practicing together is that when I'm with him, he helps me to stay grounded and feel like I am safe to explore my limits.  We are both there to support each other through our practice, keep each other motivated, and give each other feedback on our progress.  When we have a really hectic week (as we usually always do) yoga gives us a guaranteed opportunity to spend time together at the end of a hard day.  Overall we just really enjoy doing things together as a couple.  

KLYNTON:  It was on a suggestion from Emily that I began my yoga journey.  After nearly two years of near constant pain and multiple rounds of physiotherapy, we began doing yoga at home.  Emily's previous experience and passion for yoga helped guide my practice, and her encouragement and guidance helped to keep me on course even when pain and frustration seemed the only possible reality.  As my strength and endurance started to grow we decided to take our practice to the next level and start attending classes regularly.  We chose Dynamic because of Emily's previous experience with the classes and instructors, as well as the variety of classes and class times.  Practicing together means that I get to bring a little piece of home with me to every class.  Emily's presence beside me helps push me through the tough moments, and has encouraged my growth in a way that I simply couldn't do on my own.  Her determination and strength make me feel safe and secure in anything I try.  Practicing with someone who knows your strengths and limitations as well as knowing what areas need work, helps in setting goals and staying accountable.  When you live a busy lifestyle in can be easy to let your practice slide down the priorities list, but practicing together helps keep us both accountable, and allows us to spend time together even when we are taking time for ourselves.  The awesome Dynamic community has been a huge addition to our yoga journey.  I can truly say that when I roll out my mat and plunk myself down beside my partner in life and practice, I truly feel at peace and at home.

& Dynamic is truly grateful to be able a part of this couple's loving journey!

Dynamic Fitness

Happy Anniversary Shayne #HODY

Shayne has started his 10th year with Dynamic this month, why has he not quit?

Check it out:

Why do I go to Dynamic Fitness?  It is simple, Dynamic changed my life 10 year ago when I first went through the doors.  There has not been a week where I was not challenged with a new exercise to attempt and in the process have managed to stay fit and healthier.

As a "middle aged" business owner with young kids, there was never enough time to work on me.  My "meetings" at noon at Dynamic Fitness are now fixtures in my schedule that I rarely move and allows me to be constantly motivated to not move them.  The results are the I feel great, hopefully look better than I did prior to joining and I am guided by excellent professionals in fitness.  Everyone at Dynamic Fitness is interested in your fitness growth and are quick to work within your capabilities (avoid old guy injuries) and help with areas you wish to improve on.

I look forward to the challenges ahead in my fitness journey at their wonderful new facility on Pownal Street.

Dynamic Fitness

Hearts of Dynamic

What makes Dynamic so special? 


This blog is to honour all the clients & staff, past & present who make & have made Dynamic what it is today! 

You are the beat to our rhythm.